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From: Amy Hart
Subject: Feeding EdnaAmy Hart knew from the moment she saw Edna Martinez
that the brunette would be her subbie. Edna had that
forlorn look all submissive lesbians have, knowing in
their hearts that they only live to worship pussy,
making their lives singularly focused, keeping them
unhappy when they aren't in one of the innumerable
positions from which they can practice their craft.
Making love to pussy.That's how Amy thought of pussy worshippers, they have
a craft and it is to live that description, worship
pussy by paying endless oral love to it wherever they
find it.And Amy intended to find out quickly how exactly how
much this slut loved pussy.They were in the mall and Amy was window-shopping when
she first noticed Edna. Amy realized the woman was
tagging along after her, just like so many pussy
hounds do; trying to appear non-chalant underage lolita erotic photography when Amy was
pretty sure Edna was burning up with desire. Of
course, the two had not met and so neither actually
knew the other's name at this rape lolita preteen fuck point.Amy saw Edna squeezing her legs together as if to
relieve the excitement she was feeling in her own
pussy. But Amy could care less about Edna's pussy;
all that mattered was Amy's divine cunt and The blonde
was now more determined than ever to get this slut on
her knees serving her superior blonde pussy.Then, Amy suddenly felt fluids sliding down her legs.
Of course, Amy had no panties on; she never did when
she was going hunting for a face to service her.
Amy's pussy always started leaking and flowing when
she was in the vicinity of a pussy hound; it was like
she knew there was a face ready to serve her and her
pussy was always ready for service. The juice was
really starting to flow down Amy's legs as she thought
more and more about the brunette tailing her and the
fact that soon, very soon, the brunette would be
eating it. Amy liked to think of it that way, as her
subbies eating IT. And there was no shortage of that
flow. Most of Amy's lovers called her "Juicy Lucy" in
tribute to her flowing pussy. And Amy's flow was both
loose and gooey, both kinds of sex cream for her pussy
worshippers to wallow in, to coat their tongues,
faces, noses and mouths.So, since Amy was leaking anyway, she decided to give
the little subbie behind her a better show. Amy
thought she was looking really hot and Edna wasn't the
only mall shopper casting glances her way. But for
the moment, she was the one Amy's pussy was flowing
for.Amy was dressed in a short, very short, pink leather
mini-skirt and a matching, barebacked halter top tied
at the waist and neck, giving anyone who wanted to
look a nice view of her golden, tanned flesh, around
her face, her neck, at the midriff, and plenty of
curvaceous leg. Amy knew she was a hottie and she
liked to flaunt it. Amy always thought it was funny
when people would say something like, "Doesn't she
know what a tease she is?" Well, of course, teases
know they are teases and Amy was one of the worst.
And Amy knew she was teasing the short brunette who
was tailing her. And, she wanted to tease Edna more.
To turn Edna's already saliva-producing mouth into a
real river of lolita bbs alexx guestbook spit as she thought about eating Amy's
glorious pussy.One thing was for sure, the brunette was more than
just trailing Amy, and she was now openly, blatantly
and lewdly stalking the blonde beauty. Her tongue was
practically hanging out of her mouth with desire,
desperately top lolita site list seeking its intended target. And Amy
intended that the brunette's mouth, lips, tongue and
face would not miss that target ^ her pussy.Amy noticed that the brunette had given up the
pretense of casually strolling and window-shopping in
the same area as Amy. She was now openly ogling the
tanned and lithesome flesh Amy had so carefully placed
on display to draw in a pussy hound such as this slut.
Amy, who was feeling supremely confident that the
brunette would soon be servicing her, decided to drag
it out, however, and to give the pussy lover who was
following her an expanded show.Amy began by stroking her arms, bbs lols small sundolls
scratching her tanned
legs and then her exposed, flat and muscled stomach.
Then she bent over and allowed the brunette a full
view of her pantiless charms. With each movement, Amy
further inflamed the brunette.Let me leave a little gift here for her, Amy thought
to herself. And with that thought, Amy ducked into
the Victoria's Secret store. Amy gave the brunette a
few moments to scurry inside the store and to get
herself into a position near her soon-to-be Goddess.Once the brunette was situated a few feet away from
Amy, the younger girl made a big show of reaching into
her purse and pulling out a wad of Kleenex tissue.
She put the wad in her right hand and in full view of
the brunette she reached between her legs and swabbed
the tissue through her pussy lips, soaking the flimsy
paper in both her gooey and runny pussy juice. Amy
then turned her head to look at the tissues and then
tossed a disdainful sneer toward the brunette and then
she blithely pitched the tissue paper on top of a
display of thong panties.Amy glanced at the brunette again and casually waved
her hand from the brunette toward the soiled tissue as
naturally as if she were telling the woman where the
bus stop was. The clear invitation by Amy was for the
brunette to come and sample her wares. Even if it was
second hand ^ for now.Amy then turned on her shapely heel and walked 10 feet
or so away from where she had left her offering to the
brunette.The brunette, no matter how debasing or embarrassing
it seemed, moved steadily toward the blonde's "gift".
She just couldn't resist the offering and even though
it was a blatant admission of her submission to Amy,
submission to the superior young blonde woman even if
she had never met her and didn't even know her name.The brunette could not hold back, she bolted to the
pile of black thong panties and stood over the
blonde's gift. She looked down at the treasure and
reached to pick it up.Amy snickered and laughed at the brunette's open
display of pussy lust.The brunette reached to touch the goo-encrusted
tissues with such reverence and awe it was as if she
were about to touch the Holy Grail. In fact, for this
slut, it was her Holy Grail. She stopped her hand
just before reaching the tissue and looked over again
at the scantily clad Amy and then quickly picked up
the tissues that lolas nonudes bbs forum were soaked in Amy's pussy sauce.
She brought it slowly to her face, stopping it when it
was about an inch under her nose. Then, with her eyes
locked with Amy's, she took a deep inhaling breath.
And Amy nodded her arrogant approval.The gorgeous blonde then turned on her heel and headed
toward the dressing rooms. She didn't see Edna bring
the tissues to her lips and begin to lick the pussy
juice. She didn't see it, but she instinctively knew
that was what the brunette would be doing. It would
give her enough time to get to the dressing room and
prepare for Edna's arrival.Sure enough, Edna headed into the dressing room area
and wandered around until she got to the last room,
the only one where the door was closed and where she
figured the gorgeous blonde would be. Edna, feeling
an overwhelming sense of hunger, knew she would be
feeding soon, and it couldn't come soon enough.Edna knocked lightly on the door and heard the
wonderful melodic voice of the blonde call to her."Come in." It was all the blonde said, but it was
enough for Edna. The brunette slowly opened the door
and wasn't surprised, but was delighted that Amy was
standing bare-ass naked, wearing only pink, strappy
heels.And 25-year-old Edna took it all in, took in the
vision of heaven that was before her. Amy Hart, all
115 pounds of her in a delightful five foot, eight
inch frame, with 38DD tits and a body with curves in
all the right places. Plus, Edna noted, her creamy
skin was tanned golden brown, all over, no bikini
lines.Edna, overwhelmed to be in the presence of such
beauty, did manage to lift her eyes and look Amy over
from head to toe, beginning with her blonde platinum
hair, split neatly down the middle of her head and
hanging to a spot just above her glorious breasts.
For only a moment, she noticed the perfect make up
that adorned Amy's face. A face that in addition to
the large blue eyes, set off with eyeliner, included
an adorable nose, lips that looked to be made for
kissing and a small dimple in her chin.Edna's eyes then continued their loving appraisal of
Amy's body, moving down to her perfect breasts, topped
with light brown nipples that were erect and obviously
showed her state of arousal. The pussy worshipper's
eyes continued down to Amy's perfectly flat stomach
and on to her glorious pussy. Edna managed to tear
her eyes from that treasure to finish taking in the
20-year-old's legs, which were thin, sexy and
graceful. Edna could hardly believe her luck in being
in the www loli nymphets org presence of such beauty and sexuality. She
knew that her hunger would be fed shortly.She couldn't think of a thing to say to the dream girl
in front of her. A part of Edna wanted to fall down
on her knees and kiss the girl's toes, which were
visible through her pink heels. Another part wanted
to ask the blonde if she could slake her thirst and
hunger for pussy by worshipping the lips so blatantly
on display in front of her. She did neither, however
and waited for Amy to command her. Edna was very good
at following a beautiful woman's orders.Amy didn't speak; she only raised her arm and crooked
her finger toward the glassy-eyed slut in front of
her. Edna shuffled over toward her dream and wasn't
surprised when once she got in front of Amy; the
younger woman simply put her hand on Edna's head and
began to lightly push down.Edna allowed herself to go to her knees, bringing her
flushed face on a level with Amy's muff. And Amy knew
that the close-up look Edna was getting at her pussy
would be a shocker. For Amy knew that in reality she
didn't have just a pussy, she had a cunt!!Amy had a cunt with big puffy lips that drooled her
cunt juice onto her thighs; it was for some women a
bit of a scary sight. Not for Edna, though, she loved
it, knowing that it took a full cunt like this to
provide her with the feeding she craved to lolita litle girl jpgs slake her
desires.Amy knew from her conversations with pussy sluts who
had dined at the shrine at the top of her thighs that
pussy worshippers regarded her cunt as a wild animal,
out to take down the faces of twat eaters.
Amy told Edna to look up at her face."I want to look in your eyes as my pussy mates with
your face, do it, make love to my cunt."Amy held her hand at the side of Edna's face and
guided it to her pussy, all the while locking eyes
with Edna. Just before contact was made, Edna stuck
out her tongue to approval from Amy."Very good. You know that you are about to dine on
the pussy flesh of a woman you don't even top lolita site list know, right?
You don't even know my name, but your mouth, lips and
tongue will, very soon, be quite familiar with my
pussy. This tells me that you are not romantically
involved with me, you just want cunt. Now, tell me all
of that.""I don't know your name, but I strongly top lolita site list desire to eat
your pussy. It doesn't matter that I don't know your
name, I just want your pussy.""Good girl. Now, keep that tongue sticking out and I
will rub my slit over it, don't do anything right now,
just allow your tastes to be whetted for the pussy
feast you are about to indulge in."And Amy proceeded to use Edna's tongue, teasing not
only herself, but also the supplicant in front of her.
Both women knew their roles and both cherished them.
Amy knew it was a perfect mating, her voracious cunt
with the mouth and face of a true pussy lolita young girl pictures
worshipper.It was a beautiful act of body worship; Edna's
adoration and Amy's acceptance. Truly beautiful for
those who found that sort of subservience stimulating.
And both Amy and Edna were among those who
appreciated the worshipful love dance they were just
beginning.Although neither woman knew the other's name, they
were fully able to participate in the sexual
rendezvous in the Victoria's Secret dressing room.
Once Amy had sated her initial desire to use Edna's
tongue, she told the older woman that she wanted to
lay on her shoulders with her back nestled up against
Edna's front and spread her legs lewdly in front of
the pussy hound.Quickly, the pair was in position, Amy's legs were
widespread, opening all of her charms to Edna's hungry
gaze. And Amy knew exactly what Edna wanted."Do you want to continue to lick it or do you really
want to eat it?"Amy's answer came as Edna lowered her face and began
to gobble the cunt in front of her."Just as I thought slut. Sluts like you always want
that sticky little pussy glued to their lips, the
sweaty little sweet lolita top kdssites gash fucking their face, the thick slimy
goo filling their mouth. You want to be a blonde's
slut bitch don't you? To take her superior cum in your
mouth, your slutty pussy mouth.Edna's tongue made one long swipe from the bottom of
Amy's gash to the top, coating her tongue with Amy's
warm, salty discharge."Mmmmmmmmm," Edna moaned as even more of the thick,
creamy potion coated her palate and throat. Edna's
tongue continued licking, probing the luscious, tangy
pussy. Suddenly, Amy's hips began a slow, thumping
tempo on Edna's tongue.Edna could feel Amy's fingers under her nose as she
stroked her own clit, leaving Edna with her wet gash
and Edna's futile attempt to lick it dry. Amy's hips
continued their rhythm, her hand under Edna's head
holding the pussy worshipper's mouth firmly to her,
Edna's tongue and jaws aching to keep up with Amy's
approaching orgasm.Edna felt Amy's body stiffen, heard the low, short
grunts emitting from her throat as she filled Edna
with her tangy, addictive cum juices. Edna almost
lapped herself into unconsciousness, the gurgle in her
throat caused by Edna's gasping for breath and
swallowing at the same time.Amy had fed Edna for the first time, but Amy felt it
would not be the last.

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